Slovenia received 37 new Slovenia Green signs and the first platinum Slovenia Green Destination

20th May marks World Bee Day, and at the same time, the fifth Green Day of Slovenian tourism took place, which put sustainable gastronomy at the forefront. At the main event, organized by the Slovenian Tourist Board and the Slovenia Green association, the first holder of the platinum badge SLOVENIA GREEN, which is the highest award of the Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism, was announced.

In addition to the announcement of the new holders of the Slovenia Green certificate, the Slovenia Green Cuisine and the Slovenia Green Beach certificates were also awarded for the first time. In the last year, 4 destinations, 15 accommodations, 12 restaurants, 3 tourist agencies, 1 natural swimming pool, and 2 more attractions have received the Slovenia Green certificate, which means that the national label for sustainable development already has 157 providers and destinations.

Bohinj is the first destination to receive the new platinum award Slovenia Green, which together with the awarding of 37 new holders of the Slovenia Green certificate represents an important step towards achieving the main goal, which is representing Slovenia as a 100% sustainable destination, said Mag. Maja Pak. At the same time, she added that Slovenia is at the very top of the most sustainable destinations due to its goal of green and boutique tourism, which was confirmed by experts and media. This is also proven by the increasing number of tourist visits each year.

Due to the pandemic, which started last year, the need to mitigate the effects of our impact on the environment was even more noticeable, while on the other hand, tourists are attaching increasing importance to the sustainable aspect. It is in this area that we have the advantage and opportunity in Slovenia to position ourselves as a modern, green, and sustainable-oriented tourist destination.