Bohinj, Radovljica and Laško – the first destinations with an evaluated gastronomic module within the Green Destinations standard

This year, for the first time, an optional module for gastronomy is available for destinations in the Green Scheme of Slovenian tourism. It was developed on the initiative of Slovenian Tourist Board, with the aim of strengthening sustainable approaches in gastronomy, since Slovenia also holds the title of “European Region of Gastronomy 2021”. The module is designed specifically for destinations, while restaurants can already obtain the Slovenia Green Cuisine certificate on the basis of Green Key or L.E.A.F. Both approaches are oriented towards development and promotion of sustainable gastronomy in Slovenia.

The Gastronomic module is a part of the existing Green Destinations Standard, used in the Green Scheme for evaluation of destinations. It consists of four criteria, from strategic development of gastronomy, shortening of local supply chains and cooperation, to the organization of gastronomic events and experiences, raising awareness and promotion. Destinations that are just beginning to develop gastronomy as a tourist product can use the criteria as guidelines to follow and gradually develop this area. For those more advanced, the module is a way to evaluate current situation and obtain feedback and tips for improvement. In both cases, the destination receives a comprehensive report with all comments.

Experience selected culinary delights, local markets and unique gastronomic adventures

Under the brand “Bohinjsko/From Bohinj”, the destination of Bohinj offers high-quality, certified craft and culinary products, as well as drinks and food at restaurants. Gastronomy is also addressed in several developmental and strategic documents of the destination. They encourage partnerships and use of local ingredients for shortening the supply chain. If you are up to unique experiences, then cooking workshops, schnapps tasting or Cheese and Wine Festival will be perfect for you. Bohinj is also the first destination to receive the new platinum award Slovenia Green. 

Radovljica with its initiative “Tastes of Radol’ca” unites 9 restaurants and 22 local suppliers. The results of cooperation between chefs and local producers can be seen in local markets and joint product development. There are plenty of activities for foodies: Radovljica food tour: herbs, a visit to the biodynamic garden, and Uroš Štefelin’s cookery school for children. November is the month of local menus, while The Chocolate festival in April is reserved for all chocolate lovers. 

Laško has developed a collective brand “Taste Laško”, which represents food products, restaurants, and handicrafts of proven quality. Gastronomy is a part of their tourism strategy, where restaurants are motivated to work with local farmers and producers in specialized markets. Do not miss their new adventure “HoneyBrew Laško Tour”, an experience based on tasting beer and honey, or simply join the degustation with the master brewer and Laško beer sommelier. More about Slovenia Green Destination Laško.

With the title European Gastronomic Region 2021 and the first Michelin stars (awarded last year), Slovenia ranks at the very top of the worlds’ gastronomy. In order to support this fact, sustainable principles in gastronomy are followed and implemented by destinations mentioned above and other providers. We are also proud and happy to present the new Slovenia Green Gourmet Route, a unique 11-day cycling tour that stops only in Slovenia Green certified destinations and connects Michelin Star restaurants, spas, vineyards, and rich cultural heritage. Read more.