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Slovenj Gradec: your guide to Slovenia’s charming town

Experience the best of Slovenj Gradec and explore the charming, cultural and adventurous side of the town.
by Iza Tovornik
March 20, 2024 · 3 min read
View of Slovenj Gradec from Rahtel

Nestled in the northern part of Slovenia beneath the foothills of Pohorje and Uršlja Gora in northwest Slovenia, Slovenj Gradec is a charming city that will wow you with its wealth of experiences. Known as the “harbinger of peace”, Slovenj Gradec has a relaxed vibe and friendly locals who will make you feel right at home.

With its prime location in the Mislinja Valley, surrounded by nature, Slovenj Gradec is a great home base for outdoor adventures. Yet it also boasts a well-preserved medieval old town and fascinating cultural attractions waiting to be explored. Slovenj Gradec was even voted the most beautiful city in Slovenia in 2023, solidifying its reputation as a destination worth visiting. Keep reading to discover why this little city is so big on experiences.


View of Slovenj Gradec

Panoramic views of Slovenj Gradec and Mislinja Valley from top of Rahtel.


Hiking and cycling trails: Štrekna historic cycling route 

Slovenj Gradec is the perfect destination for family activity holidays, offering a wide range of outdoor adventures suitable for all ages. Satisfy your adventurous spirit on the scenic hiking and cycling trails surrounding Slovenj Gradec.

One of Slovenia’s best-maintained cycling routes, Štrekna, winds through the foothills, sure to satisfy cyclists of all levels. The trails connect small villages and towns, allowing you to experience the local culture. This 24-kilometer path offers a unique opportunity to pedal through the remnants of a bygone era while exploring the scenic nature of Pohorje and Mt Uršlja Gora. Make sure to include a stop at one of the many panoramic lookouts along the way, perfect for capturing Instagram-worthy vistas. The path will transport you through time and nature, with tunnels, viaducts, and bridges serving as silent witnesses to the region’s industrial past.


Štrekna cycling route in Slovenj Gradec

Štrekna cycling route in Slovenj Gradec follows the track of the former railway line.


Explore the medieval center of Slovenj Gradec

Slovenj Gradec has a wonderfully preserved medieval old town center with winding cobblestone streets and architectural gems around every corner. The heart of the town is Glavni trg, a charming main square surrounded by pastel-colored buildings and cafes perfect for people-watching. Be sure to visit the Slovenj Gradec Municipal Museum and learn about the town’s history and development. Exhibits include archaeological findings, ethnographic displays portraying traditional life and work, and artwork by local painters.

Just off the main square is the Church of St. Elizabeth, a Gothic church with lavish Baroque furnishings. Climb the church tower for spectacular views over red-tiled rooftops. The church contains the Altar of St. Elizabeth, a 1518 masterpiece by sculptor Thomas of Celje.

With its charming ambiance, picturesque architecture, and wealth of museums and galleries, the medieval old town of Slovenj Gradec is a delight to explore. Wandering the atmospheric streets and discovering cultural treasures is a highlight for any visitor.


Main square of Slovenj Gradec

Main square of Slovenj Gradec, a perfect coffee and people-watching spot.


Dig into Slovenian local cuisine

After working up an appetite, it’s time to explore the local cuisine. Slovenj Gradec has several tasty local specialties for visitors to try. If you’re craving authentic Carinthian dishes, the Alpine style of cooking features hearty comfort foods like roast pork, sausage, dumplings, and thick stews. The locally sourced ingredients like potatoes, cabbage, meat, and dairy make for satisfying dishes perfect after a day of hiking or biking. 

If you are looking for something to satisfy your sweet tooth, another can’t-miss foodie experience is the Perger Honey Paradise shop. Here you can taste over 15 varieties of premium Slovenian honey straight from the hive, as well as honey liqueurs, candles, cosmetics, and other honey products. 

And then there’s Wolf’s coffee—a caffeine fix from a Slovenian coffee roasting company known for its excellent beans and unique blends. Stop by one of their cafes in town for a delicious cup of coffee with rich, complex flavors.


Perger Honey Paradise in Slovenj Gradec

Perger Honey Paradise is a must-visit for all honey lovers and those seeking unique honey products and experiences.


Visit the Alpakaland 

The cutest attraction in Slovenj Gradec has to be Alpakaland. This charming farm is home to a friendly herd of alpacas you can get up close and personal with. Spend a delightful afternoon feeding and petting these fluffy animals. 

For the ultimate alpaca experience, go on a guided picnic walk with the herd around the picturesque countryside. It’s a peaceful adventure that the whole family will love. Don’t forget to stop by the farm shop to pick up some cozy alpaca wool items. Cuddling an alpaca is sure to be the highlight of your visit to Slovenj Gradec.


Alpaka Land Slovenj Gradec

Enjoy in a unique activity and have a picnic with alpacas in Alpaka Land Slovenj Gradec. (Source: Alpaka Land)


Slovenj Gradec invites you to the ‘center of the world’, where, in addition to the idyllic scenery, and rich cultural and green experiences, you are sure to be delighted by its authenticity and charm. If you’re interested in active holidays, biking in Slovenia, or exploring the best places in Slovenia, Slovenj Gradec offers the perfect mix for you. So, when you are planning your trip to Slovenia, don’t forget to add this enchanting town to your list. May your travels be not just explorations, but also contributions to a greener, more sustainable world by choosing destinations with the Slovenia Green certificate.

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