Ambisontia – The stories of the forest and the river

  • Location: The Soča valley
  • Price: From 35€ per person
  • Season: celo leto
  • Duration: 4 - 8h
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The lower part of the Soča Valley, where the river slows down, is the home of the mythical land of Ambisontia. It is a land of memories, songs, and stories, a land filled with magical creatures, and one of the parallel worlds. It reveals the world of the Ambisonts, an ancient tribe of blacksmiths, traders, and shepherds who lived in the valley before the Common Era. Another world of Ambisontia is one of the giants, gnomes, fairies, elves, and other magical creatures. And lastly, there is the world we live in today, one of unspoiled nature, magical in its uniqueness and ability to provide relaxation and healing. All three worlds are the valley’s natural and cultural heritage.

Let us take you for exploration and show you that you too can experience joyful awe and the magic of the world and that all three worlds are intertwined.

Hikes through Ambisontia are filled with stories accompanying the guided exploration through the forest and along the river. They are suitable for families with small kids as well as hikers with a lot of mileage. Through stories, you will get to know nature and experience the magic of the forest and the river and the wealth of vegetation.

Experience offered by: The Soča valley

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