Brko tour

  • Location: Ljubljana
  • Season: April - September
  • Duration: 3,5h
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Explore the secrets of Ljubljana and the Slovenian character through the eyes of three mustachioed artists: architect Jože Plečnik, painter Rihard Jakopič, and writer Ivan Cankar, three visionaries who left indelible marks on the city.

The Moustache Tour kicks off at a local barbershop, where you learn about the history and art of mustache grooming in Ljubljana. The tour winds past the ageless works of the Architect and his home, past the celebrated works of the Painter, and up to the top of the Rožnik Hill, where you get to enjoy coffee, tea, and Potica cake in the Writer’s Room. The tour has been designed to incorporate the local community and is also completely sustainable because it takes place on foot and by bike, taking visitors away from crowded tourist landmarks, which helps to decentralize the city center.

Experience offered by: Ljubljana