Finding zen at a herbal farm

  • Location: Miren Kras
  • Price: From 5€ / person
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Therapeutic effects of relaxation are felt swiftly when you visit the Rogelja Herbal Farm. Here, you can find your peace while walking through herbal gardens, going for a therapeutic massage, or drinking a cup of fragrant tea. Their fields smell of lavender, sage, rosemary, bay, thyme, yarrow, and other magical plants which have been used to heal the body and soul for ages. Their house-made herbal oils, creams, teas, aromas, and tinctures are the door to a Zen state of mind.

Experience the Zen state of mind on a guided tour of the farm with Magda Rogelja, a master in growing and processing herbs and extracting the plants’ natural powers. Another great experience is a circular hike through herbal bushes, allowing you to explore the beauties of the Karst landscape, such as caves, dry-stone walls, and shepherds’ cottages, and learn about herbs in a workshop. To experience what you have learned first-hand, a tasting of herbal liqueurs spreads and frtalja omelettes is in order. You can find relaxation in herbal massage or therapy, or simply sitting down in the shade in the herbal garden for a true meditative effect.

Experience offered by: Miren Kras

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