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Laško is a place of personal stories. Find your favorite among rivers and hills, health resorts and mansions, towns and villages. Write a story filled with an abundance of healing waters, brewing traditions and paths to health and wellbeing. Experience the stories together with the people who give hospitality its true name and meaning.


A full week is barely enough to experience what this health resort and brewery town have to offer. But even if you just come only for a day it will be more than merely a visit.


Since ancient times, proven healing thermal, drinking waters of Thermana Laško and Rimske Terme health resorts gush out from under the green hills of Laško. For thermal experiences, health, and wellbeing.


Laško beer, wellness experiences, and cuisine featuring beer create beautiful memories of this town with a long beer brewing tradition.


Honey, bees, beehives, Laška Medenka pastry, honey wellness, and the uniquely adventurous Honeybrew Tour. Laško is a destination marked with a long and rich beekeeping tradition.


Laško tastes like the typical local delicacy Warmed Cream, is as healthy as the honey and light but rich as its beer. When you are looking for the best from Laško, you will find it in the brand Taste Laško.

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