Lenart honey cuisine once upon a time and today

  • Location: Lenart
  • Price: 27€ per person
  • Season: April - September
  • Duration: 3 - 4h
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At the heart of the lush and unspoiled landscape of Slovenske Gorice, locals and bees have been coexisting in harmony since ancient times, the only thing that changes are the people’s customs and lifestyles. Here, beekeeping has a long and rich tradition. You are welcome to learn about honeybees at Čebelarstvo Vogrinčič beekeeping farm. You will come to realize why it is essential that unspoiled nature and bees are preserved. Experience apitherapy for the treatment of respiratory problems, rheumatism, and headaches.

Inhale the healing aerosols and feel their power. Taste the delicacies made of honey and get to know a great variety of honey products. For an extraordinary end to the day, take a walk to the inn Gostilna Šiker, where you can not only enjoy seasonal and local delicacies but also take a look at farm tools used in the past.

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