Miren Kras

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Shhhh… Welcome to the dreamy side of Slovenia, where the landscape flirts with Italy and the sea. The area between the green Vipava Valley and Kras smells of sage, pine, freshness, and peace. Feel the peacefulness of the Vipava River’s slow flow, watering the fertile fields of white asparagus.  From Cerje Hill, you can enjoy the magnificent views of the sea, the Alps, and the picturesque stone-built villages. Listen to the bora wind in the trees and taste the bora-cured prosciutto. The UNESCO-listed dry-stone walls that are characteristic of the landscape protect the olive trees and grapes for Teran wine, which is as dark and fortifying as nights are in Miren Kras.

Its mild climate makes the flora blossom early and people more joyful. Therefore, the courtyards of homesteads welcome visitors all year long and tables are always laden with fresh and seasonal delicacies. Learn about this love between man and nature. Find your health and dreams in Miren Kras.

Slovenia Green Destination