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Sevnica is a treasure chest of experiences. It is located in the north of the Posavje region, a place where mornings are closer to the sun. Here, the Sava River comes out of the Zasavje canyon and winds in broad strokes among fertile fields, which are guarded by the Posavsko Mountains to the left, and the vineyard-dotted Dolenjsko Hills to the right.

Sevnica Castle is one of the most beautiful castles in Posavje and next to it a Blaufränkisch vineyard is sunning on the castle hill slopes. This wine and the Sevnica Salami are two of the traditional flavours of the destination’s rich cuisine, which you can experience in full in the Gostilna Repovž Inn and a number of other establishments. Thus strengthened you will have a lot of fun exploring the rich heritage of the lush landscape by walking, cycling, or horseback riding a lovely network of paths.