The sounds of Šentjur

  • Location: Šentjur
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The sounds of Šentjur and the area around it have inspired the renowned Ipavec family of composers and doctors. Are we still able to listen to the sounds of nature and heal the body and mind by feeling, seeing and hearing the sounds of the lush landscape?

You will learn about the roots of Slovenian identity through an interactive musical tour starting at the train station and with the sounds of the Southern Railway, built in the first half of the 19th century to connect Vienna and Trieste. You will continue the tour along the paths walked by great locals, such as cartographer Blaž Kocen, the Blessed Anton Martin Slomšek and the Ipavec family, and get inspired by the song Slovenec Sem (I Am Slovenian). You will hear the sounds of water, wind, birds and great artists.

The exploration of the sounds of Šentjur will end at a biodynamic farm on the mystic Rifnik Hill for a geomantic experience of nature’s healing powers.

Experience offered by: Šentjur