Slovenia Green

The Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism

Active cooperation among destinations, tourism service providers and other stakeholders in the sector is vital for targeted cooperation in the development of sustainable tourism. Therefore, the Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism was developed. It is a national certification programme bringing together all sustainable tourism efforts in the country under the brand SLOVENIA GREEN.


The Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism is a national tool helping destinations and tourism businesses operating under the brand SLOVENIA GREEN introduce sustainable tourism principles into their operations.

It is a certification programme designating the level of compliance with a broad spectre of sustainability requirements in tourism. The scheme is thus a tool to rate and to improve sustainability of operations.


The Slovenian Tourist Board is the owner and manager of the scheme, while the GoodPlace Sustainable Tourism Factory is an accredited project partner with the licence of the global tool Green Destinations Standard. Together, we regularly evaluate and upgrade the scheme.

Green Destinations Foundation is an international partner in the project, whose standards are adhered to in the evaluation of Slovenian destinations. The Green Destinations Standard has been recognised by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council.


The scheme was developed and started operating in 2015, when the first pilot destinations and tourism businesses joined the project.

Since then, the network of sustainably-oriented destinations and service providers has grown across the entire country. Currently, it includes more than 130 destinations, accommodations, natural parks, tourist agencies, tourist landmarks, restaurants and beaches.


The development of sustainable forms of tourism is essential if we want to preserve the most beautiful corners of the planet so that future generations may explore them as well.

The key strategic goal of the project is to introduce sustainable models in Slovenia’s tourism sector for the country to become and remain an attractive green and healthy destination.


The scheme is based on global criteria while at the same time it also honours national characteristics and requirements. Destinations are evaluated according to the global Green Destinations Standard, whereas service providers are required to obtain one of the internationally established symbols recognised by the scheme. These two levels are closely intertwined, as destinations encourage sustainability among local service providers.

Depending on how well destinations meet the criteria, they are given the bronze, silver, golden or platinum symbol. As regards service providers, the Slovenia Green symbols may be obtained by tourist agencies, tourist landmarks, restaurants and beaches. The scheme is designed so as to constantly encourage destinations and service providers to improve.

Standards and certificates