Breeze around Slovenia by E-bike

The wonderful diversity of Slovenian landscapes are ideal for trips and rides into the unknown, exploring vast fields, caves, vineyards, valleys, coastal areas and mountain passes. Many parts of Slovenia that had until recently been reserved for sports enthusiasts have now become much more accessible thanks to e-bikes. E-bikes are an active and environmentally-conscious way to discover the beauties of Slovenia.

Why explore Slovenia by e-bike?


As you attempt to conquer hills and inclines, an e-bike will help you save energy so that instead of being out of breath, you will be able to enjoy spectacular views of the vast surrounding landscape. In addition, e-bikes are among the most active and healthiest means of exploring nature. Since they are suitable for all age groups, whole families can now discover new favourite places without any major difficulties.

Slovenia places great importance on sustainable development and promotion of conserving its nature and culture for future generations. E-bikes do not emit any harmful emissions and are therefore at the top of the available sustainable means of transport.


A wine-grouing country, Slovenia abounds in beautiful vineyards and wine-growing hills perfect for e-bike rides. Whether you are riding past the vineyards in the Vipava Valley, Maribor or Goriška Brda, e-bikes are the perfect companion on the way.


When it comes to transport, people are becoming increasingly aware of the necessity of preserving nature and are looking for environmentally-friendly ways to commute. Many Slovenian cities have put in place bike hire schemes, which enable users to cover the distance between two points at minimum cost. The bike hire scheme in green destinations such as Laško, Celje and Žalec also provides e-bikes as another step in making exploring nature a fun and active experience.