Active exploration of ancient trails

  • Location: Slovenj Gradec
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Active exploration is the best way to get to know the magic of Slovenj Gradec, its locals, and nature. Explore the lush Mislinja Valley by bike along the Štrekna, a path following a former railway track. This is one of the most beautiful cycling paths in the country, looking out over a picturesque panorama of the Pohorje forests and Mount Uršlja, a mighty peak at the edge of the Karavanke Alps.

The 24-kilometer path offers up a number of surprises that make for interesting breaks from cycling and present a wealth of technical heritage. Discover the versatility and beauty of the landscape that nurtures the soul, soothes the eyes, and fills the lungs with fresh air.

This authentic experience of nature and its healing energy will help you relax your body and mind, while nearby farms will allow you to indulge in Koroško cuisine.

Experience offered by: Slovenj Gradec