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The castle of the once mightiest aristocratic family in Slovenian lands still watches over the city of Celje and the stars in the family crest are now a part of Slovenia’s coat of arms. Providing beautiful views of the hilly landscape, the castle also features attractive content, dedicated to history. The renowned Counts of Celje would no doubt be proud of their city, which is tucked away amidst green plateaus and hills. The city continues to develop in harmony with ancient and medieval architecture.

The power of green energy can be felt at every step when you visit Celje. Only a stone’s throw away from the romantic old town, paths wind up into hilly forests full of wondrous treasures. One of the paths leads past the fairy-tale Tree House, the biggest treehouse in the country. Those who love water and seek peace can explore the shores of Lake Šmartno. If you prefer a view from the top, climb the hill to the Celjska Koča mountain hut, a popular destination for locals, where you can let your adrenaline flow in an adventure park.

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