Slovenia Green Nature Parks

Slovenia’s commitment to sustainable development is high and is reflected by its many nature parks and protected areas that are rich in natural and cultural attractions. These parks and areas have been awarded the Slovenia Green Park certificate for their successful sustainable practices. Visiting these nature parks on foot, by bike or public transport is recommended, but most importantly, your time spent in the parks should be active and in harmony with nature.


Triglav National Park is one of the largest and oldest nature parks in the country, and is also Slovenia’s only national park. Stunningly beautiful, the area is ideal for exploring and uncovering nature’s hidden gems, although its main objective remains the conservation of ecosystems and natural processes. In addition to pristine nature, Triglav National Park is a treasure chest of cultural heritage, created through the coexistence of local people and nature.


The Kozjansko Regional Park offers a slightly different experience but communicates the same message: the harmonious coexistence of man and nature. The area is crisscrossed by walking trails and is nestled amid orchards consisting of apple and pear trees of indigenous varieties. In addition to spectacular nature, the area abounds in cultural attractions such as the Olimje Monastery and Podsreda Castle.


Visitors looking for a cycling adventure will be instantly drawn to the Logar Valley Landscape Park and the Solčava panoramic road, both of which rank among Slovenia’s most popular scenic spots. The landscape park, which is located at the heart of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps, offers much more than just scenic bike rides. The majestic Rinka waterfall is a breathtaking place that never fails to leave an impression, and the Potočka Zijalka cave is a very important historical place where archaeological explorations uncovered cave bear bones and the world’s second oldest sewing needle.


Slovenia’s nature parks also stretch underground. One such, the Škocjan Caves Regional Park, a designated UNESCO heritage site, is open to visitors year-round. Guided tours through the complex system of caves and pits are led by experienced guides. The wider area of the park offers many other points of interest, such as the Lipizzan Stud Farm and the Park of Military History.

Slovenia is rich in nature’s wonders. Scattered throughout the country, they never cease to impress.