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Exploring Slovenia’s “Capitals”

by mlampret
October 30, 2022 - 2 min read

Slovenia Green Capitals Route is the second tour in the world connecting destinations that have been awarded with a sustainability certificate by developing their tourism in a responsible way. Furthermore, all destinations included in the tour have obtained the prestigious Slovenia Green Gold label. Help our planet by exploring Slovenia Green destinations and accredited partners.

This unique route is your perfect pick for a quick and green getaway to beautiful Slovenia. It combines three of our cherished regional centres – Ljubljana as the urban capital, Kočevsko as the capital of nature, and Bela krajina as the cultural capital.


Cycling the famous Dragon bridge in Ljubljana.


Ljubljana is our beautiful capital city. Sitting by a river and full of restaurants, museums, and terrace cafes, it is a perfect place to start the three-region itinerary. Being cosmopolitan and green is the new thing. Kočevsko Region possesses one of the world’s most important natural areas: the UNESCO-protected Krokar primeval beech forest. The area is perfect for bear-watching and just enjoying nature. This is a must for all those who love the outdoors. The Bela krajina region is Slovenia’s cultural capital. This is the place where traditions, food, and wine meet. We invite you to explore all the wonderful restaurants and vineyards.


The forests of Kočevsko are full of life!


If you decide to hit the road on a bike, this route is technically undemanding but includes some long cycling stages. You can adjust the tour to fit your needs and add more overnight stops, while trains can also be used as an alternative environmentally-friendly means of transport that will allow you to shorten the cycling distance.

If you’re not into cycling, you can just use the train throughout the whole journey. Make sure to double check the train timetable so you will reach your destination on time.


Vineyards and hills as far as the eyes can see are a pretty common sight in Slovenia.



  • Holidays in sustainable tourist destinations
  • Ljubljana Central Market with fresh regional produce
  • Ljubljana Marshes Nature Park, the largest marsh area in the country
  • Tracing footprints of wild animals in Kočevsko forests
  • Authentic local dishes of Bela krajina
  • Wine tasting in Metlika
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