0% GREEN Kaj to pomeni?

Destination Bohinj has been sustainable since before the word was coined. The logic of beauty, natural endowments, unspoilt nature, and the idyll that the first guests came to admire even before the development of tourism, has been lived by the Bohinj people in a self-sustainable, restorative, respectful and self-sufficient way for centuries. Today, we are reinforcing the Bohinj people’s environmental sustainability through support systems for sustainable tourism development. The logic of our authentic life is a message to all learning visitors to the destination. The future sustainable development of Bohinj, where for years we have been leading the world as a leading sustainable destination, as evidenced by numerous awards, is focused on a zero-carbon footprint for locals and tourists alike.

Nature and cows in Bohinj Boat ride in Bohinj lake View of Bohinj lake