The extraordinary adventure on the Sava Dolinka river and its seven springs

  • Location: Bled
  • Price: From 54€
  • Duration: 2 - 3h
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The Dolinka Zipline in Bled is the longest in Europe. This exhilarating outdoor experience is a combination of sliding down wire ropes and a guided tour through the Sava Dolinka Valley, whose natural beauties in the central Brje area have been designated a natural monument status.

You will be accompanied by two guides, who will make sure your ziplining experience is completely safe and the hike through meadows and forests enjoyable. A total of seven-wire ropes span the edges of the valley in a total length of 4 kilometers. To come from one zipline to the next, you will take beautiful paths through forests and fields dotted with resting places that allow insight into the valley’s flora and fauna as well as spectacular views of the mountains Triglav, Stol, Ajdna, and Babji Zob.

Experience offered by: Bled

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