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What to do in Slovenia this fall

Slovenia is more than just a summer hotspot. As fall arrives, it unveils golden landscapes, serene towns, and the essence of Slovenian culture.
by Monja Ferčec
September 25, 2023 · 6 min read

When you think of Europe in the fall, perhaps the usual suspects come to mind. But nestled in Central Europe is Slovenia, a destination that’s about to redefine your autumn travel bucket list.


Here’s what you can do in Slovenia this fall:


Hiking Adventures

Slovenia’s pretty much a hiker’s dream, especially when fall rolls around. Those changing leaves? They’re the perfect backdrop for any trek. One of the most popular hiking destinations in Slovenia is Triglav National Park, located in the Julian Alps. The park offers a variety of hiking trails suitable for all levels of hikers. 

In addition to Triglav National Park, there are several other hiking destinations where you can see Macesni (Larches) turning into gold.

Here are our top picks for soaking in that autumn vibe:


Mountains and yellow larches

Visiting Slemenova Špica is especially beautiful in autumn, when nature turns to a golden yellow colour


Photographer’s Paradise

Slovenia is pretty much a dream canvas for photography enthusiasts with endless opportunities to capture stunning images. It’s no wonder Slovenia was on the list of the most beautiful places in the world.

Come fall, the whole place turns into this epic color fest – a real treat for shutterbugs. From the picturesque hiking trails mentioned above to the infamous Lake Bled and on to the charming streets of Ljubljana, every corner of Slovenia offers a unique and captivating subject for your photographs.

Architectural marvels, medieval towns, and fall festivals dot the country, offering a diverse palette for those keen on capturing both the essence and the aesthetics of a place.

Here are the most beautiful places to capture the best momentums:


Slovenian church with mountains for a backdop

One of the most popular photo spots in Slovenia — The Church of Saint Thomas in front of the Alps


The infamous wine

Think rolling vineyards painted with golden hues and glasses clinking in celebration of the harvest season. Slovenia, with its reputation for stellar wines, truly comes alive during these months. Regions like Primorska, Podravje, and Posavje roll out a tapestry of flavors, each vying for a spot on your taste buds. 

Wander through the vineyards, get the lowdown on the magic behind each bottle, and, of course, savor the symphony of tastes that is uniquely Slovenian.

But here’s a twist: Why just sip when you can dive right into the action? Many local wineries throw open their doors, inviting you to become a winemaker for a day.


Man holding grapes in vineyard

September happens to be the perfect month to learn more about this ancient tradition


Exploring the caves

Slovenia’s got this underground scene that’s literally … underground. Come fall, it’s prime time to dive into some of the planet’s coolest caves. The Postojna Cave and the Škocjan Caves are two of the most popular cave systems in Slovenia.

Yet, the wonders don’t end with Postojna and Škocjan. Slovenia’s underground tapestry extends to the likes of:


Exploring krizna cave on raft

Exploring the underground lake in the Cross Cave (Križna jama)


Cultural Festivities

As autumn graces Slovenia, the country bursts into a vibrant medley of events that capture its rich cultural and natural essence. In the heart of Maribor, the Old Vine Festival pays homage to the world’s oldest vine, celebrating with wine tastings, folk music, and traditional dances. 

The Ljubljana Festival, spanning the entire year, showcases arts, from music to theater, right in the capital’s historic heart. For those championing women’s voices, ‘Mesto žensk’ is a celebration of female artistry and expression. Athletic spirits can find their stride in the Julian Alps Trail Run, set against the breathtaking backdrop of the mountains or join the Ljubljana Marathon. And finally, film aficionados can lose themselves in cinematic tales at the Ljubljana International Film Festival, featuring a hand-picked selection of the world’s greatest achievements in cinema.


Harvesting the oldest wine in the world

Harvesting the world’s oldest grapevine in Maribor is an event that attracts many locals and tourists



Tucked away in Central Europe, Slovenia might just be the best-kept secret you’ve been looking for. As autumn paints the landscape, this little gem transforms into a traveler’s playground. 

If you decide to travel to Slovenia, be it through nature trails, in pursuit of the perfect photograph, or amidst the vineyards, remember the essence of sustainable travel. Cherish the landscapes, savor the Slovenian cuisine, and immerse in the rhythm of local festivals. And as you tread, ensure that every step you take contributes to keeping Slovenia’s legacy beautifully green.

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