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Tips for Greener Travel

by mlampret
November 3, 2022 - 2 min read

Slovenia is a country widely known for its unspoilt natural environment and its efforts to preserve pristine nature. The tips below will make your travel greener, environmentally-friendly, and even more pleasurable.


You can reach Slovenia by train, bus or use an airline committed to reducing its carbon footprint. Once here, you can continue your explorations on foot, by bike or on public transport to help preserve the clean air. The best benchmark for choosing an eco-friendly accommodation provider is to look for the Slovenia Green Accommodation certificate. Certified providers ensure environmentally-responsible waste disposal and energy use.

You can explore Slovenia’s beautiful landscapes on your own or contact a tourist agency or local guides who specialize in sustainable tourism experiences. By keeping to existing paths and trails you will help to preserve the sensitive natural balance in nature. Respect wildlife, never feed animals, and stay alert and cautious when you enter their territory.


Cycling holidays make for an exceptional environmentally conscious travel choice.



Slovenia has high-quality water that you can drink straight from the tap. To make the most of this luxury, use a reusable water bottle and help minimise plastic waste. Collect your waste and dispose of it responsibly. Use energy wisely and switch off the lights and electronic devices when you leave your accommodation.

If you are interested in local culture, respect the local people and their customs. Do not enter private property and try not to make too much noise. Learn and try to use a few Slovenian words and phrases – and watch your efforts put a smile on the faces of locals!


Slovenia is known for having many natural springs and sources of clean drinking water.



Local cuisine is varied and rich in taste. Support local farmers and eat seasonal and local food and produce. Look for sustainability-minded restaurants that only serve locally sourced ingredients and donate excess food.


Forget restaurant chains and explore Slovenia’s distinctive and fresh flavors.



Look for tourist spots away from the beaten track and enjoy the genuine experience. Sustainability is a process. Let us know how we can make your green travel in Slovenia even better. Take up some green habits and stick to them even when your holiday is over. Share your experiences with friends and help us promote the green spirit. After all, by traveling green, we can all make a difference to the planet.


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