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Green stay in Ljubljana: 48 Sustainable Hours at NEU Residences

Discovering Ljubljana's Green Heart: A Family's Journey through Sustainable Living at NEU Residences
by Monja Ferčec
September 18, 2023 - 2 min read
Green rooftop of Neu residences.

When Martina and her family arrived at the NEU Residences, located in the heart of Ljubljana, she felt a special energy. Their weekend getaway was dedicated to discovering Ljubljana in a sustainable way.


Family sitting at the table and eating in apartment of NEU Residences


NEU Residences, holder of the Green Key certificate, exuded green commitment from every angle. The friendly receptionist introduced them to the sustainability rules: rational use of water, careful energy management, and waste separation.


Inside of the apartment in NEU Residences


In the morning, at breakfast, they noticed “100% recycled” on the bread packaging. While drinking fresh water from Slovenian springs, they were overwhelmed with feelings of gratitude.

Given Ljubljana’s compact size, they chose to explore the city using BicikeLJ bikes. They were captivated by the green Tivoli park and the peaceful Golovec forest. The children especially loved learning about native plants in the Botanical Garden.


A man sitting outside on the rooftop looking at Ljubljana view


Upon returning, Martina noticed a cube on the bed in her apartment, which she uses to determine if the bed linen needs to be changed. They decided that they did not need a change. With the desire to have a minimal impact on the environment, they slept in the same sheets for a few days.


Family sitting on couch and talking in apartment of NEU Residences


The following day, they explored the majestic Ljubljana Castle before journeying to Iška Vintgar. Guided by NEU Residences’ suggestion, they opted for an electric vehicle, enjoying its silent, zero-emission ride.

As Martina reflected on their weekend getaway, she realized that the path to a sustainable future lies in simple, mindful choices. It was NEU Residences that illuminated this path for them.



Discover the essence of sustainable living at NEU Residences and join them on a journey towards a greener future.

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Photo credits: Luka Ažman

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