Hotel Thermana Park Laško

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The Thermana Park Laško Hotel is a wellness center located in an unspoiled natural environment right next to the Savinja River. It combines a variety of ways to relax your body and mind. You are invited to visit the thermal center, the thermal water drinking hall, the center Thermana & Veda Ayurveda, and the Wellness Spa Centre, where you can treat yourself to honey or beer bath.

We are dedicated to the economical use of natural resources, protecting the environment, and serving organic food as much as possible. We strive to lower the amount of waste and reduce its carbon footprint. We raise awareness among guests and staff about environmentally-friendly behavior and encourage healthy lifestyles.

We are proud to have received the EU Ecolabel designation, the recognition Bee-Friendly Company and the certificate Tap Water for encouraging guests and staff to drink tap water.


Are you in the mood for an active and green experience spiced with local flavours?

You will set off toward your adventure by bike and with a picnic basket filled with delicious picnic foods. Before starting the tour, you will get a number of tips about what to see and do so that your vacation in Laško is a true delight.

You will ride your bike along beautiful cycling paths with idyllic views of the peaceful surroundings. Once you feel your power waning, it is time for a break in a blooming meadow where you can devour the delicacies in your picnic basket. In it, you will find snacks prepared with a lot of love and care and made of the finest local ingredients all holding the certificate Taste Laško. The basket is filled with very good foods by local producers and is produced with dedication to the principle “from field to fork”. After the break, you will still have time to explore the many hidden corners of the destination. You are invited to explore Laško in an active and environmentally-friendly way.