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Winter magic in Slovenia: best things to do, eat and where to stay

What to do this winter in Slovenia, where to stay, what to see and how to do it with a green touch.
by Iza Tovornik
January 24, 2024 · 4 min read
Winter views at Velika Planina, Slovenia

If you’re traveling to Slovenia in the winter months and you’re trying to find the best winter activities that won’t eat up most of your budget and are more friendly to our planet, well … you’ve come to the right place. Follow our guide to explore all the hidden places, conquer new peaks, taste the amazing Slovenian dishes in green certified restaurants, and enjoy cozy accommodations throughout the country.

In winter, Slovenia transforms into a fairy-tale paradise with snow-covered landscapes offering diverse outdoor activities. From skiing and sledding on snow-covered slopes to visiting authentic alpine villages and mountain huts, Slovenia offers countless options for enjoying yourself in the colder months.

Moreover, you can also visit various winter festivals and events that bring vibrancy to the snowy days. Treat yourself to an unforgettable winter experience in the embrace of nature and explore hidden corners where history, adventure, and culinary delights intertwine. With a commitment to sustainable development, Slovenia represents an eco-friendly travel destination that adheres to the principles of Slovenia Green. By choosing our recommendations, you support destinations that strive to preserve the environment and promote sustainable tourism.

Skiing and snowboarding

Slovenia is a true paradise for skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts. Discover the beauty of the Slovenian winter idyll and experience unforgettable moments on ski slopes that stretch across the entire country. Regardless of your level of experience, you will find slopes suitable for every taste and skill level. Ski resorts such as Rogla, Vogel, Kanin, and Mariborsko Pohorje offer excellent conditions for skiing and fun on the white slopes.


Snowboarding on Mariborsko Pohorje

Snowboarding bliss on Mariborsko Pohorje.


Winter hiking

In winter, Slovenia offers hiking trails that lead through the white landscapes and stunning natural beauties. As a hiking destination, you can also set your sights on ascending to mountain huts, where you can refresh with a warm drink and a meal. There’s nothing better than a hot stew or ričet after a long winter hike. On Rogla, in addition to hiking to Lovrenc lakes, you can also go to the famous treetop walk. Go on a winter hike in Slovenia Green destinations and discover hidden corners of nature. Here are our top picks for easy winter trails:


Winter hiking in Slovenia

Slovenia is full of easier hikes for winter adventures.

Frozen waterfalls

Have you heard of “Frozen”? Forget about Elsa and Anna, in the winter Slovenia becomes a fairytale land that could rival the magic of this animated movie. Explore the frozen waterfalls of Logar, Tamar and Trenta Valleys, and visit the picturesque gorge of Mlačca. Here is a list of the most popular and less known waterfalls that freeze at the right temperatures:


Frozen waterfall in Slovenia

The majestic Peričnik waterfall is a popular destination in winter.


Discover cultural heritage

Winter is not just a time for outdoor activities but also for exploring rich cultural heritage. A visit of the traditional “kurentovanje” in the oldest town in Slovenia is a must. The carnival will surely impress the young and the less-young. 

In February, you can attend many cultural events and festivals that commemorate Slovenia’s greatest poet, France Prešeren and get to know more about local culture, customs, and traditions.


Kurentovanje in Ptuj, Slovenia

During the Shrovetide, the oldest Slovenian town, Ptuj, is transformed into a great carnival venue where the famous Kurenti rule.


Sledding and snow fun

Sledding and thrilling on white slopes are among favorite winter activities for winter enthusiasts. In Pokljuka, you can indulge in fast descents on well-maintained sledding tracks, where the wind in your hair will guide you through forest paths. For those seeking something special, on Velika Planina and Gozd Martuljek, you can experience an unforgettable sledding adventure under the stars. Regardless of the chosen destination, sledding guarantees lively moments and unforgettable memories.


Family sledding in Slovenia

Pokljuka is a great destination for many winter activities.


Go to one of the winter sports competitions

In winter, Slovenia turns into a land of elite winter sport competitions. If you didn’t know, Slovenia has some of the best athletes in the world in many winter sports, such as ski jumping, alpine skiing, snowboarding, biathlon and cross-country skiing. One of the most popular competitions is FIS Ski Jumping World Cup Finals in Planica. Tens of thousands of people attend this traditional competition every year. If you are visiting Slovenia in winter, make sure to catch the excitement of one of these renowned competitions:


Ski jumping in Planica, Slovenia

In March, the picturesque valley in close proximity to the border with Italy and Austria hosts the largest sporting and entertainment spectacle in Slovenia.


Discover accommodations in the embrace of nature and try traditional Slovenian cuisine

If you wish to experience a perfect escape into nature, Slovenia offers exceptional green certified accommodation and restaurant options where you can relax and indulge in local offers. 

Eco Chalet Astra Montana, hidden in the midst of pristine forests, provides an environmentally friendly experience, allowing you to connect with nature and enjoy sustainable living. If you would like to recharge your batteries, then Pikol, a lakeside village with its enchanting lake surroundings is the perfect place for you. While enjoying your winter time in Slovenia, don’t forget to discover amazing local dishes. Try home-made beef soup or traditional bread dumplings at Triangel hotel, explore the taste of wild game goulash at Tulipan Guest house, or enjoy the Slovenian national dish “Idrija Žlikrofi” at Kmetija Flander. Experience genuine Slovenian hospitality, authentic flavors and culinary delights that will linger in your memory long after departure.


Slovenian dish Pasulj

This lovely winter stew (Pasulj) is a traditional Slovenian food that today is enjoyed around the world.


The possibilities for winter activities in Slovenia are endless. From skiing and sledding on the slopes and hiking in pristine nature to discovering charming alpine villages where you can taste traditional Slovenian dishes.

Slovenia offers unforgettable moments that you’ll be delighted to share with your loved ones. Moreover, arriving in winter brings additional benefits such as lower accommodation occupancy, more exclusive experiences, and crowd-free locations, as it is outside the main tourist season. By doing so, you’ll support the sustainable development of Slovenia and become a responsible traveler. Discover destinations with the Slovenia Green certificate and choose sustainable travel.

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