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How to go skiing in Bohinj without a car

Explore all the ways to visit Bohinj's winter alpine beauty without a car
by Matevž Hribar
January 18, 2024 · 3 min read
Skier on ski slopes in Bohinj

People are used to getting everywhere on four wheels – to the store, work, vacation homes, and various sports activities are no exception. However, awareness of the harmful impact of this habit, both locally and globally, is growing. Locals who live in tourist destinations are particularly aware of this. It’s not that they don’t want visitors – they just don’t want them polluting the air and filling up parking lots with their cars. If we were able to go skiing on winter sports days by train or bus during elementary and high school, why wouldn’t we be able to do the same as adults? In Bohinj, a destination on the edge of Triglav National Park, efforts have been made to make winter vacations without using a car as simple as possible.

Skiing in Bohinj offers an enticing combination of natural beauty, excellent ski slopes, and comfortable accommodation. Surrounded by the majestic Julian Alps, Bohinj delights with picturesque views that will take your breath away after each descent. The ski slopes in Bohinj are known for their diversity, suitable for both beginners and experienced skiers. At Kozji Hrbet, you can enjoy easy descents, especially suitable for children and less experienced skiers, while skiing on Vogel, Pokljuka, Soriška Planina, and Senožet offers a more adrenaline-packed experience.


View from Bohinj ski resort


The diverse terrain of the surrounding hills and mountains also offers perfect conditions for ski touring. Enthusiasts of thick blankets of snow can enjoy untouched slopes and a true mountain snow fairy tale amid pristine nature.

In Bohinj, they are convinced that it’s possible to combine carefree enjoyment of winter sports with nature conservation. So, how to explore Bohinj and its surroundings in a sustainable way?

1. Train

Bohinj has been connected to the rest of Gorenjska to the north (and thus to Ljubljana) and to Primorska to the south since the early 20th century. The train will take you to Bohinjska Bistrica, directly to the Kozji Hrbet ski resort, which is suitable mainly for children and less experienced skiers.


Skiing in Vogel with a great view

For those more demanding, access to Vogel, Pokljuka, Soriška Planina, or Senožet can be achieved by…


2. SKI Bus!

Complimentary Julian Alps: Bohinj Card offers free public transport and organized transport services (ski bus, on-call transport). You can find the bus schedule here. Additionally, you also have the option of using …


3. P+R

P+R stands for ‘park + ride,’ meaning park (your car) and ride (by bus). In the Bohinj area, there are four designated P+R parking lots connected to three bus lines. These will take you to both the surrounding ski resorts and other tourist spots. Useful information for planning your mobility around Bohinj can be found on, where you’ll also find a map of parking lots and bus lines.


Lake Bohinj view from Vogel ski resort


Bohinj offers a diverse and magical world for all kinds of winter pleasures, combining carefree skiing, respect for nature, and sustainable exploring. Travel eco-friendly and head to the slopes by train, ski bus, or park at one of the P+R lots and take advantage of free public transport. Skiing in Bohinj is an adventure that will definitely leave you captivated. So, come and explore this wonderful mountainous green destination and experience a winter fairy tale in pristine nature.

You can find more ideas for green winter experiences around Slovenia on our website.

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