0% GREEN Kaj to pomeni?

Kranj is surrounded by nature. It is the only town in Slovenia from which you can see Triglav, Stol, and Grintavec, the peaks of the Slovenian mountains that make up our Alps, and the only town through which the 30-metre-deep canyon of the Kokra River winds. That’s why Kranjers like to say we have one foot in the city and one foot in nature. Because we value our city – the old town center has been a protected cultural monument since 1983 – and love the green nature surrounding us, sustainability and a green orientation are our daily guiding principles.

Because we are and want to remain a clean, healthy, and safe city, we integrate sustainability into every aspect of our destination: from tourism, infrastructure development, and city policies to raising awareness among locals and visitors.

Kranj is the cultural, active, green, and healthy capital of the Slovenian Alps. We have everything at our fingertips – drinking water, clean air, authentic contact with nature, green nature that refreshes our city, rich cultural amenities, and a beautiful historic city center, which is beautifully rounded off by our slogan Alpine air. City flair.