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The most sustainable destinations in Slovenia

Visit our destinations that are leading the way in sustainability.
by Monja Ferčec
April 18, 2023 · 4 min read

Are you a fellow eco-conscious traveler who cares about the environment? If you’re looking for a destination that’s seriously committed to sustainable tourism, Slovenia should be at the top of your list!

Destinations that participate in the Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism – a framework for promoting sustainable tourism under the SLOVENIA GREEN brand – can obtain a quality certificate. Only the most sustainable destinations can earn the platinum label, the rest can compete for the title of gold, silver or bronze destinations.

How to get the platinum badge?

Destinations that want to obtain the platinum label must get the best scores in six categories:

  • destination management,
  • nature and landscape,
  • environment and climate,
  • culture and tradition,
  • social climate,
  • and tourism business.

The achievements of destinations in all categories are evaluated by experts from the GoodPlace Ljubljana Sustainable Tourism Factory Institute.

Who are the platinum pioneers?

The first destination to win the platinum title in Slovenia was Bohinj in 2021, followed in 2022 by three more destinations: Ljubljana – the Slovenian capital, Laško – a spa town, and the destinations of Čatež and Brežice on the edge of the Pannonian Plain. This year, Kranj became the fifth recipient of the platinum mark.

When the platinum seal was awarded in 2022, the Slovenian Tourist Organization wrote on its website: “The destination of Čatež and Brežice obtained the platinum seal with a strategic approach to tourism development, in Laško they have made great progress in monitoring the state of the natural environment and education in the tourism sector, and Ljubljana has shown exceptional commitment in the implementation of measures to protect and manage natural and cultural resources.” Upon receiving the platinum title, the Mayor of the Municipality of Kranj proudly announced:

“If we want to offer visitors sustainable tourism, we must first introduce sustainable practices into everyday life – and we are doing great.”


Lake Bohinj is the largest alpine lake in Slovenia.


Bohinj: Alpine pioneer of sustainable tourism

The Alpine pearl is a paradise for mountaineers and cyclists who enjoy breathtaking views. Lake Bohinj, the largest alpine lake in Slovenia, can be discovered from a panoramic boat. The mountains invite hikers who like socializing with the livestock in the mountain pastures. Waterfalls are hidden in gorges, while alpine slopes invite adrenaline-seeking adventurers, mountain lovers in the summer, and skiers in the winter. In the Triglav National Park, unspoiled nature can be admired.

Ljubljana: recipient of the European Best Destination 2022

The Slovenian capital enchants visitors with lovely old buildings, a clean historical center, a green river, a mighty castle, woods, and a marshland on its doorstep. The works of the modernist architect Plečnik, on the UNESCO heritage list, give a recognizable stamp to Ljubljana. The landscape around this city is beautiful, with the majestic Alps rising in the background. Since Ljubljana is one of the smaller capitals, it can be easily explored on foot or by bike.


The Slovenian capital charms visitors with its city center, which winds along the Ljubljanica River.


Čatež and Brežice: thermal experiences, repnice and European bee-eater

The world at the confluence of the Krka and Sava rivers offers many opportunities for an active vacation or pampering. In the region, you can find thermal baths, a regional park dotted with many castles, a protected wetland, and the lovely town of Brežice with a striking water tower. Wine enthusiasts can explore repnice, the cellars carved into the sandstone, used for storing the wines. Nearby, a colorful and protected bird, the European bee-eater, can be spotted.


A green world at the confluence of the Sava and Krka rivers.


Laško: the thermal town of beer and honey

Laško is famous for its brewery, a beer wellness experience and beer-influenced cuisine. Laško invites you with nicely decorated town squares, the Savinja river, hills, which offers endless possibilities for hiking, and thermal baths, where people have been pampering themselves since antiquity. Laško is also famous for its beekeeping tradition.


Laško is a great choice for holidays, wellness breaks and relaxation.


Kranj: the capital of Upper Carniola with the town canyon

Kranj, a town on the threshold of the Alps impresses visitors with the Kokra river canyon right next to the beautiful historical center above the Sava river. On the Sava river plain, on the doorstep of the town, lowland forests can be found, and not far away scenic pre-Alpine and Alpine peaks can be climbed, and skiing or cycling opportunities on the slopes galore.

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