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Sustainable Paradise: Discovering Slovenia’s 20 Golden Destinations

Sustainable Tourism Triumphs: Slovenian Destinations that Gleam with Gold
by Monja Ferčec
May 29, 2023 · 3 min read

Slovenia has garnered international recognition for its steadfast commitment to sustainable tourism, propelling it to the forefront of the green movement. Today, a remarkable total of 20 destinations throughout the country proudly bear the esteemed gold mark, an accolade bestowed upon them by the Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism. These destinations have achieved exceptional ratings in vital categories such as management, business practices, social climate, tradition and culture, landscape preservation, environmental stewardship, and climate initiatives. Their remarkable dedication has solidified Slovenia’s status as a premier sustainable and green destination.

Discover 20 Must-Visit Destinations for Conscious Sustainable Travelers!

1.) Koper: the largest Slovenian seaside town

Koper, fondly known as Slovenia’s gateway to the world due to its port, is a captivating city featuring a meticulously maintained Venetian core, a spacious park, lengthy seaside promenade, a nearby nature reserve, and a scenic hilly hinterland.



Stand-up paddleboard adventures along the stunning Slovenian coast.


2.) Kras and Brkini: Exploring a Mediterranean Borderland

Karst, the stony homeland of the Lipizzaner horse, offers breath-taking views of the sea, compact karst villages, vineyards, and magnificent caves in the karst underground. Brkini, a hilly world nestled between Slovenia’s coast and mainland, is renowned for its many orchards.


Štanjel is one of the enchanting charms of Karst


3.) Vipava: little Venice

With its numerous bridges and canals, Vipava is fondly referred to as the “Venice of Slovenia.” This charming town is adorned with baroque mansions, statues, and the imposing ruins of the castle. Amidst the picturesque surroundings, vineyards gracefully encircle the area.


Vipava Castle is a majestic vantage point revealing the splendour of the valley


4.) Miren Kras: a breath-taking tribute to peace

Miren Karst, situated close to the Italian border near Nova Gorica, graces the landscape above the Vipava Valley, offering magnificent views that span from the sea to the Alps. This scenic destination is renowned for its notable monument commemorating the defenders of Slovenian territory throughout history.


Cerje stands as a striking monument


5.) Nova Gorica: a vibrant urban crossroads

Nestled amidst verdant landscapes, Nova Gorica stands as a shining testament to modernist urban planning, adorned with an abundance of lush green spaces. United with its Italian counterpart, Gorizia, Nova Gorica has seamlessly merged into one vibrant and interconnected town.


Nova Gorica: where a plateau meets a valley


6.) The Soča Valley: a majestic interplay of mountains and emerald waters

With its crystalline colour, numerous pools and troughs, the Soča River has earned its place among the most beautiful Slovenian rivers. The sharp peaks of the Julian Alps and mountains where sheep and cows graze, rise steeply above the valley.



An emerald river meanders through the valley


7.) Cerkno: where hills embrace the Alpine splendour

The picturesque region of Cerkno, also known as Cerkljansko, captivates with its undulating landscapes that showcase expansive forests, idyllic farms, and the towering peaks of the Alps. During the winter months, Cerkno transforms into a haven for skiing enthusiasts, while in the summer, its cool ravines with cascading waterfalls invite visitors to explore their hidden beauty.


8.) Idrija: a town of lace and mercury

With its centuries-old tradition of mercury mining, charming town centre, famous Idrija lace, and the stunning natural beauty of the Idrija Geopark, Idrija has earned its place on the prestigious UNESCO World Heritage list.


The intertwining of the Alpine and Karst worlds in the west of Slovenia has created a magnificent natural landscape


9.) Bled: a picturesque lake adorned with a charming island church

Bled is one of Slovenia’s most exquisite destinations. Its enchanting scenery captivates visitors with a pristine turquoise lake, graced by an island crowned with a picturesque church. Perched atop a cliff, the ancient Bled Castle offers panoramic vistas of the surrounding mountains.



Bled stands out as one of the top destinations in Slovenia


10.) Poljanska Valley: the beauty of the Sora River and the magnificent presence of Blegoš Mountain

Poljanska Valley is an ideal destination for cycling and hiking enthusiasts seeking to conquer the scenic peaks overlooking the Sora River. It also offers a rich historical experience with its military and construction heritage to captivate history buffs.


11.) Kamnik: from a medieval town to the embrace of cows on majestic mountain pastures

Kamnik is a captivating town with a meticulously restored medieval core. The town is gracefully embraced by towering mountains, adorned with vibrant fields of blooming saffron in the spring, while in the summer, it becomes a haven for grazing cows.


Kamnik and its surroundings are a paradise for those who love spending their holidays in nature


12.) Logar Valley-Solčavsko: the region of alpine valleys, cascading waterfalls, and cute sheep

The world beneath the northern ridges of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps entices with its serene alpine valleys, an impressive 100-meter waterfall, a scenic panoramic road, mineral-rich iron water, and the indigenous breed of Solčava sheep.


13.) Velenje: a modern coal mining town

Velenje is a city immersed in nature, renowned for its association with lignite, modernist architecture, and picturesque lakes. Underground tunnels, scenic walking paths, a pristine beach, and a meticulously preserved castle offer a warm invitation to explorers.


Velenjsko Lake is a favored destination among residents of Velenje


14.) Rogla Pohorje: vast expanse of dense forests

The hills adorned with conifers, cranberries, and blueberries are renowned for their peat, lakes, towering trees, scenic hiking trails, and intriguing rocks. During winter, it transforms into a skiers’ paradise.

Expansive woods on Pohorje Plateau



15.) Moravske Toplice: a health resort amidst the gentle undulations of the Prekmurje Region

The world in the far east of Slovenia is famous for its healing mineral waters, spas, and a picturesque landscape comprised of cultivated fields and forests. Visitors are captivated by the Romanesque rotunda nestled amidst the meadows.


16.) Rogaška Slatina: the crystal spa town

The fashionable spa in Rogaška Slatina, once favoured by the Austro-Hungarian elite, is renowned for its neoclassical spa building nestled in a picturesque park, and its abundant magnesium-rich water. Additionally, the town boasts a rich glassmaking heritage.


Rogaška Slatina is a prestigious spa destination

17.) Podčetrtek: from the tranquil monastery to the world of wellness

Podčetrtek is an excellent wellness destination where visitors can indulge in the soothing pools of Terme Olimia. They can also discover the lush orchards, picturesque meadows, and fascinating insect hotels. A visit to the nearby monastery of a minority community adds a touch of cultural exploration. And for a sweet treat, a stop at a chocolate shop is a must-do.


Even in present times, the monks diligently tend to a fragrant herb garden located in front of the monastery


18.) Krško: between the vast plain and the rolling hills

Krško is nestled along the banks of the Sava River, marking the transition from the enchanting hills to the sprawling fields. Recognised for its exceptional wines, imposing castles overlooking the Sava River, and an abundance of cycling and hiking trails, Krško offers a wealth of attractions.


19.) Sevnica: the land of castles

The defining feature of Sevnica is the commanding castle, majestically perched above the historic town centre and the Sava River, embraced by lush vineyards. The rolling hills that embrace the region, adorned with quaint brick houses and vineyards, are the cherished home of the indigenous blue Frankincense grape variety.


20.) Kočevsko: a realm of dense forests and untamed creatures

Kočevsko is best known for its unspoiled forests, with the Krokar primeval forest holding a place on the UNESCO list. Within the vast woodlands, majestic creatures such as lynxes, bears, and wolves roam freely.


Magical mists in the forests of Kočevsko



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